• Grass Lake Township Supervisor – 2004 to present
  • Maintained Township and Fire average fund balances over 100%for past 12 years
  • Grass Lake Township Planning Commission Chairman – 1980 to 1992
  • Started finance campaign and development of Sports and Trails Recreation Park – 2004
  • Solicited donations and grants to build the Grass Lake Community Sports and Trails Recreation Park totaling over $900,000
  • Established capital funds to support future maintenance of Township facility, Fire Station, Depot (Whistlestop Park), Community Sport & Trail Recreation Park
  • Established two consecutive 5 year recreation plans (includes Village, Schools, and Township) which enables application for DNR funds
  • Active member of 5H Wellness Foundation – grants in excess of $200,000 received to date
  • Purchased and replaced old fire vehicles using planned capital funds. Every 3 years the oldest vehicle is replaced with new equipment – 4 of 7 vehicles have been replaced without borrowing funds at a cost of $887,000
  • Created Land Development Finance Authority (LDFA) and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) districts to attract light industry to Grass Lake Township
  • Established five year lake assessment districts for Grass lake and Pleasant Lake to remove any invasiveEurasian Milfoil weeds from the lakes
  • Township purchased 10 acre parcel next to Township office for additional parking and recreation opportunities
  • Negotiated lease agreement with Verizon tower on Township property – generated $12,000/year revenue
  • Awarded SAW grant for wastewater system analysis - $209,000
  • Collaborated with Village DPW for lawn, snow, sewer & water maintenance; and law enforcement services
  • Acquired two properties through County foreclosure process; restored the properties and have pending sales resulting in new revenue for Grass Lake Township
  • Facilitated the use of Township facility as home for Grass Lake Senior Center – Current Steering Committee Board member
  • Reading mentor at Grass Lake Elementary School (Energize Education)
  • Board member of several organizations in Jackson County – Jackson Citizens for Economic Growth (JCEG), Enterprise Group (EG), Leoni Regional Utility Authority (LRUA), Cradle2Career (C2C)


Grass Lake Community Sports & Trails Recreation Park


About Jim stormont

Grass Lake Charter Township

Jim Stormont, incumbent Supervisor of Grass Lake Charter Township since 2004, possesses the will to serve God, his family, and the community of Grass Lake. Jim aspires to continue serving his community by vying for a fourth term in the Grass Lake Township primary election. 

Jim has lived in Grass Lake his entire life and he believes that if you want things in life, you have to work hard for them.  With Jim’s vision and the support of the community, accomplishments seen over the last twelve years can continue on to make Grass Lake “A great place to call home.”